Step by Step Guides

  • E-mail Login Instructions

    E-mail Login Instructions

    Please access your FIU Portal by logging into (click on the “Login to MyFIU” button). If you are logging in for the first time, your default password is the date of birth. Use your Panther ID as the username and your date of birth default password in the following format:

    Date of Birth = April 20, 2009
    Your Password = 20Apr2009

    Your password is Case Sensitive. You must capitalize the first letter of the MONTH. Be sure to set your security questions as this will allow you to reset your password in the future.

    Once you are logged in you will find your new FIU email address under my information. Sign out of the portal and select Panther Mail to login to your FIU email to access your course information.

    Please contact UTS at 305-348-2284 if you have any trouble logging into your portal.

    Your Panther ID is assigned when you complete your online application. However, if you need to look up your panther ID number, go to and click on the “look up Panther ID” (please see snap shot below).

  • Pre-registration Guidelines

    Pre-registration Site Tutorial

    Review step-by-step process with your students:

    1. First create an account on the Dual Enrollment Application page.
    2. Enter your name and create a login. Password should contain 1 digit.
    3. Return to the Dual Enrollment Application page to login with your new account.
    4. Fill out your personal information.
    5. Select your ethnicity/race.
    6. Select Citizenship and enter your social.
    7. Enter your home address and email address.
    8. Enter your parent or guardian or emergency contact info.
    9. Select the program you are interested in.
      • In the Admit Type drop down, select "Non-degree Beginner Domestic".
      • In the Academic Plan drop down, select "Dual enrollment - Off campus, in my high school".
    10. Look up your school then click search
      • Please search using the drop down Country and State/Province. You may also use the other fields to narrow down your search. If you are having difficulties finding your school, remove information to broaden your search.
      • Begin your search by clicking on the search button.
    11. Enter the date you were enrollment in high school and expect graduate date.
    12. Enter student ID and parent's email address.
      • You don't have to fill out your panther ID section if you don't have this info.
      • Please be sure to fill out this section with accurate information or your application will be delayed.
    13. Select the dual enrollment courses you are interested in.
    14. Answer the judicial questions.
    15. Confirm application and review the confirmation page.

    If you have questions concerning your pre-registration contact your high school counselor or dual enrollment coordinator.

  • Grade Submission

    Step-by-Step Guide to Submitting Grades

    Follow steps to enter grades at the end of each semester.

    1. Log into MyFIU: Open up your web browser. Log into PantherSoft by going to the MyFIU website, – Enter your login and password. If you have problems logging in, please contact the UTS Support Center at 305-348-2284
    2. Getting to Your Grade Roster: Once you log in, you should be at the Faculty Center. Check to see that you are on the correct semester (right above your teaching schedule). Click on Change Term, if you need to change the semester. Then click on the Grade Roster Icon to the left of each of your classes.
    3. Entering Your Grades: Click on the Grade Roster Type Tab at the top of the page. In the Approval Status field, click on the drop-down menu, and select Not Reviewed if it's not already chosen. Only this status selection will allow you to enter grades
      • Click on the Grade Roster Tab. Enter each grade in the field and click the Tab key to go to the next field or advance with your mouse. You can also look up the available grade selections by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the Grade Input fields.
      • If you would like to view only the students that have not been graded yet, click on the Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only box.
      • Please remember to SAVE OFTEN, especially for long rosters. Do this by clicking on the Save icon at the bottom of the page. Once saved, you can continue inputting grades at a later time if you need to interrupt the process. 
    4. Submitting Your Grades: Once all the grades have been entered and reviewed, and are ready to be submitted and posted, click on the Save icon and click on Grade Roster Type. Change the Approval Status field to Submitted. Then, click on Save once more.
      • You can verify that all grades have been submitted by clicking back on the Grade Roster tab. In the Final Roster Status column all students should have “Graded” status.
      • Remember: You must click on the save button prior to changing the approval status field and after changing the approval status field before navigating away from this page. This will ensure that your data will not be lost.
      • Once the grades are posted they cannot be changed. Also, once the deadline is over, grades cannot be inputted.
    5. Selecting Another Grade Roster: Back on the Faculty Center, select the Grade Roster Icon for the next class.