Student Resources

With You Every Step of the Way

Make the most out of your college experience. FIU focuses heavily on student success. No matter how tough your classes get or how difficult the challenges you face are, you'll always have support readily available.

  • Advising

    The FIU dual enrollment academic advisor works closely with your school guidance counselor to help you achieve academic success. Discuss with your high school counselor required testing, identify courses that meet your high school graduation requirement and get help preparing for your college education. 

  • Center for Excellence in Writing

    Whether you are brainstorming, drafting, revising or polishing, writing consultants at the Center for Excellence in Writing can assist you with papers, reports and projects for any course.

  • Tutoring

    Center for Academic Success is your guide to library reference and informative overview of student academic success services. The Center for Academic Success has mathematics, statics, biology, chemistry and physics tutors who are ready to help. Tutors are available for both individual and group sessions, workshops, tutoring by appoint, and walk-ins. Online tutoring is also available.

  • FIU Libraries

    FIU libraries are a great resource for research and studying. Find resources that appeal to your learning style. Search books on-campus, or log in to Off-Campus Access, reserve a study room and more. Use the Dual Enrollment Guide to find out more about library services. 

  • Center for Testing and Career Certification

    Whether it's PERT, ALEKS, CLEP, SAT or other exams, the Center for Testing and Career Certification provides testing services at both the Modesto A. Maidique Campus and Biscayne Bay Campus.

  • OneCard

    All you need is your FIU OneCard. The OneCard is your library card, meal plan card and student ID all in one. By putting money on your card it can be used at most campus dining locations, the FIU Barnes & Noble bookstore and campus transport.

  • RaiseMe Scholarship

    Scholarships for students starting in 9th grade. RaiseMe is the easiest way for students to earn scholarships for everyday things they do while in high school.
  • Office of Scholarships

    Want to get a head start on earning scholarships? The FIU Office of Scholarships helps match students with scholarship opportunities. See what FIU has to offer.

  • Credit-by-Exam Tables

    If you took any exams to earn college credit, the tables below will highlight what courses you earned college credit for.  View full list of exams at Transfer and Transition Services.

    Advance Placement (AP)

    College Level Placement Examination

    Cambridge AICE (A Level)

    Cambridge AICE (AS Level)

    International Baccalaureate (IB) 

  • Disability Resource Center

    Let nothing hold you back. The Disability Resource Center supports On FIU Campus students with resources to facilitate a smooth transition to university campus life.


  • Student Handbook

    The DE Student Parent Handbook and the FIU Student Handbook* outlines services, programs, and activities of the university which are designed to enhance the quality of a student’s educational experience.

    *Some of the provisions of the FIU Student Handbook apply only to degree-seeking students. To learn more about what applies to dual enrollment students, contact

  • Student Code of Conduct

    Students are expected to be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct and Honor Code. The Student Conduct and Honor Code is a compilation of policies, regulations, and rights that reflect Florida state law.

    Particular sections of interest to students include, Section 5 Conduct Violations, Section 6 Academic Misconduct Violations, Section 10 Advisor for the Charged Student or Student Organization, Section 11 Due Process Rights of the Charged Student or Student Organization, Section 12 Principles of Group Responsibility, Section 14 Title IX Procedures, Section 15 Sanctions, Section 16 Withdrawal from a course pending charges of Academic Misconduct, Section 17 Interim Suspension, and Section 19 Appeals.

    Academic misconduct will be subject to Academic Misconduct procedures and sanctions as outlined in the FIU Student Handbook.

  • Code of Academic Integrity

    FIU is committed to the CORE values articulated in the Student Code of Conduct: Responsibility, Truth, Freedom, Respect and Excellence. Together these core values form the foundation for Academic Integrity

    It is the Responsibility of all students, faculty and administration to conduct all academic and scholarly activities in Truth which means the honest pursuit, generation, dissemination and application of knowledge. Freedom of thought and expression allows us to show concern and act on issues related to Academic Integrity with Respect for the diversity and dignity of all individuals. Together these core values form the foundation for Academic Integrity at FIU which brings Excellence in intellectual, personal and operational endeavors.

    Students at FIU are expected to adhere to the highest standards of integrity in every aspect of their lives. Honesty in academic matters is part of this obligation. Academic Integrity is the adherence to those special values regarding life and work in an academic community.

Technical Support

Have a tech question? You have access to 24/7 IT Support. Reach out for help with Canvas, MyFIU, WiFi access, computer labs and more.