Offering Endless Possibilities

FIU has partnered with schools throughout Florida to offer dual enrollment courses that will enhance accelerated academic learning for qualified students. Partner schools offer opportunities to students such as:

  • Earning dual credit
  • Teaching valuable time-management skills
  • Increasing chances of getting into college of choice
  • Igniting academic passion

Fast Facts

  • GPADual Enrollment students on average have higher GPAs.
  • 10%Dual Enrollment students are 10% more likely to graduate in 4 years than students who aren't enrolled in the program.
  • $8.7 MFIU Dual Enrollment helped families save $8.7 million in tuition and fees in 2018.
  • $1.7 MFIU Dual Enrollment helped families save $1.7 million in textbook costs in 2018.

Benefits for Partners

It doesn't stop there. Partners also gain by being a part of the program. As partners, FIU Dual Enrollment schools can:

  • Support student access to higher education
  • Add challenging and innovative college courses to school curriculum
  • Develop partnerships between university faculty and high school instructors appointed as Courtesy Lecturer
  • Provide high school instructors with professional development opportunities

How to Request Becoming a Partner

So, you've decided to become a partner! We're happy you are interested. Start by contacting the FIU Dual Enrollment office.

Public Schools

If your school is a public school that is part of the Miami-Dade, Broward or Monroe County school districts, there is an articulation agreement in place that allows you to begin offering courses right away.

Charter and Private Schools

Charter and private schools will need an articulation agreement before offering courses. After contacting the Dual Enrollment office, you will be asked to complete and submit the Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement Request Form 

Flexible Course Offerings

Partner Schools can offer Courses taught:

  • By High School Instructors appointed as an FIU Courtesy Lecturer - Partner School may request Instructor be credentialed to teach course at the school.
  • By FIU Faculty or Adjunct Instructor - FIU faculty teach course at the school.
  • Online - Students can take FIU Online courses at the school with the support of a designated school facilitator.

It's simple! Partner School just needs to complete and submit the Dual Enrollment Course Request Form. Contact the Dual Enrollment Office to request form.

Need Help?

If you have any questions please contact us.