Online Facilitators

Offering Flexible Courses

Online learning is on the rise. FIU Online courses let students experience a certain level of independence. You can connect confidently to courses taught by experienced FIU professors and leaders who offer highly specialized knowledge and skills.

FIU Online is dedicated to ensuring your online learning experience is the best it can be. That's why they participate in Quality Matters, a quality assurance program dedicated to continual improvement of online courses. Dual Enrollment online courses are designated with this endorsement and reflect cutting-edge course development, faculty training and new technologies - certified for excellence.


Dual Enrollment courses are supported by FIU Online Student Support Services and additionally, when offered at the high school, by a school appointed Dual Enrollment Online Course Facilitator.

Facilitators attend professional development workshops that improve knowledge and skills needed to facilitate online courses offered at your school. Facilitators collaborate with FIU Online faculty to inspire students to be curious, to think, to seek answers for themselves and to stay on track.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Staying connected with FIU Online faculty
  • Accessing Canvas
  • Creating an eLearning environment conducive to active participation
  • Ensuring students access FIU Email account regularly