Begin in High School - Finish at FIU

Gain a competitive edge on your first-year experience in college. Get a head start on learning critical thinking, writing and reading skills. Complete University Core Curriculum (UCC) courses and explore degree pathways. Best of all, reduce the cost of your higher education.

Start by meeting with your school counselor, or parent/legal guardian if you are a home school student, and discuss dual enrollment opportunities.

Program Types

Earn college credits at your high school

Dual enrollment courses can be taken at Partner Schools during the high school academic year. Students earn, at the same time, college credits and credits that fulfill requirements for high school graduation.

Courses are taught by either a high school instructor appointed as an FIU Courtesy Lecturer, or an FIU faculty or adjunct instructor.

Follow Steps to get started.

Other Programs

Together with Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) FIU offers additional dual enrollment opportunities through the following:


  • Experience firsthand what college courses are like
  • Get flexible options for taking courses: at your school, online and at FIU
  • Explore degree majors by taking courses in your area of academic interest
  • Save money – dual enrollment courses are exempt from tuition and fees
  • Save time by earning college and high school credits at the same time
  • Get access to Student Resources at FIU