PD Workshops

FIU offers a Professional Development, Mentoring, and Oversight Dual Enrollment Program to ensure the courtesy lecturers are prepared to teach an FIU course. FIU will use any of following methods to determine any additional needed professional development/mentoring:

  1. Announced classroom visitation (observation of teaching and structured feedback using rubrics), review of syllabi (examining syllabi for all FIU specified components and providing sufficient details to students including plagiarism and academic misconduct policy).
  2. Review of teaching materials (PowerPoints, handouts, lesson plans or lecture notes, use of primary and secondary sources, etc.)
  3. Assessment of student learning (rubrics used for each type of student assignment and feedback provided to students for improvement – graded and ungraded student work).
  4. Review of exams/quizzes, and other types of student assessment (student artifacts such as homework, electronic or paper portfolios, essays, reports, term papers, oral and/or video recordings of student performance). For purposes of assessment processes, the courtesy lecturer will need to maintain two years’ worth of student papers and exams as these may be requested for on-campus review and FIU Professional Development Training. Courtesy appointment lecturers teaching FIU Dual Enrollment courses at high schools are required to participate in professional development training on FIU’s campus.