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New Student Application Process:

*Students must meet with their high school counselor to choose the DE courses they are planning on registering for.

If students have met the eligibility requirements, they may complete the Dual Enrollment Online Application to get an assigned FIU Panther ID number.  If students have been out of the university for three (3) or more consecutive semesters they must complete a new application.

To access step-by-step tutorial, Click here.


Returning Student Application Process:

Returning students apply through the student portal. If you forgot your FIU username or FIU password, please visit the website, where you can both lookup your username and recover your password.

Note that there is an account recovery process that will require contact information (a cell phone number or secondary email address) in the event that you forget your password. By adding this contact information, you are further verifying your identity and adding an additional layer of security to your account. We strongly suggest setting up your account recovery cell phone number or secondary email address immediately. After completing this enrollment process, if you forget your password in the future, you will be prompted to enter this same phone number or email address.

For additional questions about your username and password, review the Division of IT Knowledge Base or contact UTS at 305-348-2284.

In order to comply with SACS, students must return the required parent consent form found on the submission confirmation page to their  high school counselor.

Spring 2019 Application Deadline

Broward County Schools

  • Monday, January 7th – Friday, January 18th

Miami-Dade Schools

  • Monday, January 7th – Friday, January 18th


Note: Be advised that the @High School DE registration deadlines are different from the deadlines for the general FIU population and the @FIU Dual Enrollment. The Dual Enrollment registration system is shut down immediately following these deadlines and may not be reopened to accommodate late registration under any circumstances.


Fall 2018 Grade Submission

  • Monday, January 14th – Tuesday, January 22nd


Note: Grades will become part of the student’s permanent high school transcripts and Florida International University’s transcript (these are official transcripts and should be included in any college application).