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Student Eligibility:

  • Be a student in a Florida public or non-public secondary school
  • Have a 3.0 Unweighted High School GPA
  • Satisfy any course Pre-Requisites
  • Meet and obtain approval from your high school guidance counselor
  • Students must submit the DE required Parent/Legal Guardian Consent form to their high school DE Coordinator. (SACS Compliance)

Requirements & Guidelines:

Students must meet all minimum requirements for admission. Students who don’t meet one or more requirements will not be eligible to participate.

    1. Grade point average: 3.0 Unweighted
    2. Test scores
        • SAT (old design): 440 Math and 440 Reading
        • SAT (new design): 24 Math, 24 Reading and 25 Writing
        • ACT: 19 Math, 17 English and 19 Reading
        • PERT: 114 Math, 106 Reading and 103 Writing

      *SAT, ACT and PERT minimum test scores are set by the Florida Board of Education.

    3. Dual enrollment students must take the ALEKS Math Placement if they are planning on taking a course higher than College Algebra.  To schedule the ALEKS exam please visit
    4. Complete Online Application: 



      Returning students apply through the student portal.

      *Students who have been out of the university for three (3) or more consecutive semesters must complete a new application by Applying Online.

      If you forgot your FIU username or FIU password, please visit to lookup your username and recover your password. You can also contact UTS at 305-348-2284.

      Spring 2019:

          • Monday, January 7th – Friday, January 18th


      Summer 2019:

          • For DE Summer guidelines and deadlines, please visit Dual Enrollment @FIUand follow the guidelines and deadlines.


      Note: Be advised that the @High School DE registration deadlines are different from the deadlines for the general FIU population and the @FIU Dual Enrollment. The Dual Enrollment registration system is shut down immediately following these deadlines and may not be reopened to accommodate late registration under any circumstances.