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Online Courses have been approved for students registering for Summer 2019, through the On-FIU Campus Part-Time Dual Enrollment program.

To access the list of approved online courses please click here Summer-2019-Online Approved Courses

Students must follow the same On-FIU Campus (part time) Dual Enrollment program procedures.  

Please note that the Online courses found in the above link are the only Online courses approved for Summer 2019.  


University Core Curriculum

To get a list of the University Core Curriculum (UCC) please click here  University Core Curriculum (UCC)  then navigate to University Core Curriculum, from there select Freshman  then Summer B 2015 and After.

  • The University Core Curriculum (UCC) is a broad, well-defined curriculum that helps students to think critically, analytically, and creatively. The UCC encourages a passion to learn, and provides them with the skills and ability to assemble, assess, incorporate, and synthesize new knowledge and information.
  • The UCC rests upon the belief that a foundational curriculum, shared by students, fosters intellectual development and enhances personal, social, intellectual, and academic relations. Together with concentration in major fields of study, the UCC builds the base that makes future academic and professional excellence possible.
  • FIU’s UCC requires courses in six fundamental areas of knowledge. Some of these requirements are sequential; others have pre-requisites.


Students must meet with their high school guidance counselor to select courses.