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Let's Get Started

Welcome to the Panther Family! We're excited you've chosen FIU for dual enrollment. You have a few options to consider, so follow the instructions below to get started.

2019-2020 Dates & Deadlines

At High School

  • Aug. 14 - Sept. 3Fall 2019 Applications accepted (Broward)
  • Aug. 19 - Sept. 3Fall 2019 Applications accepted (Miami-Dade)
  • Sept. 20Fall 2019 Last day to add/drop classes
  • Dec. 2-22Fall 2019 Student Perception of Teaching (SPOT) survey
  • Nov. 15-29Spring 2020 Applications accepted
  • Jan. 6-13 Spring 2020 Last day to submit grades
  • January 17 Spring 2020 Last day to add/drop classes
  • May 4-22Spring 2020 Student Perception of Teaching (SPOT) survey

1. Find Out If You're Eligible

To earn dual credit, your high school must be a Partner School

Learn about eligibility criteria, available Courses and how dual enrollment grades impact your college transcript. Then meet with your school guidance counselor to find out if dual enrollment is right for you. Home school students should talk with their parent or guardian.

If you're considering Full-Time/Dual Enrollment Early Admission, you'll also need to schedule an interview during your junior year with the Dual Enrollment academic advisor. Interviews are typically held in March. Contact the Dual Enrollment office to schedule an interview.

2. Start Your Application

To begin your application, you will register a user name and password. That way you can save and return to your application later. Have your contact and identification information ready so that you can complete the application.

Before finishing your application, when you reach the submission confirmation page print the Parent Consent Form. When you submit your application you will be given a Panther ID number and your MyFIU student account will be created. This will be your lifeline to FIU. If you forget your Panther ID or other login information, recover it at by clicking "Need Help?". Learn more about the account recovery process.

Apply Now

Returning On FIU Campus Students

If you are an On FIU Campus student who has not participated in the dual enrollment program for 3 or more consecutive semesters, you must complete a new online application.

Returning Student Application

3. Login to MyFIU

Students should visit MyFIU to get familiar with their student account. See First Time Log In for help getting started. For general questions, see Access MyFIU.

If you're still having issues, you can browse the Division of IT Knowledge Base or call customer support at 305-348-2284.

If you are planning to take dual enrollment courses at your high school, you are done!

Submit the Parent Consent Form to your high school instructor or guidance counselor. Learn more about FIU Student Code of Conduct and other important resources.

4. Submit Required Forms

For On FIU Campus students only. The forms required include the Common Placement Test Scores, Dual Enrollment Authorization Form, the immunization form, and forms that are applicable to home school students.

Here's what you need (Only for On FIU Campus):

  • Dual Enrollment Authorization Form - Submitted every semester you take courses at FIU
  • Parent Consent Form - Found on the submission confirmation page of your application
  • Immunization Forms - Submitted if you are a new applicant or have been out of the university for 3 or more consecutive semesters
  • Ask your school guidance counselor to assist you with providing Common Placement Testing Scores, and other required exam scores, and/or prerequisites to take the course.

Home education students must also submit:

Submit all forms to the FIU Dual Enrollment Office at either the Modesto Maidique Campus or the Biscayne Bay Campus.

5. Register for Classes

This step can only be completed after required documents are submitted.

OneStop is your FIU resource for class registration. Find out How to Add Classes on their website. Everything can be completed through your MyFIU account and OneStop is there to help you. You must follow the On FIU Campus dual enrollment deadlines.

Dropping Classes

On FIU Campus students are responsible for dropping classes, How to Drop Classes. Students who do not drop may receive a failing grade. It is recommended you advise your school guidance counselor to ensure withdrawal does not impact high school credit requirements.

  • Instructional Materials & Textbooks

    The easy way to get textbooks! On FIU Campus Dual Enrollment students can visit Barnes & Noble at FIU. You can visit the book store on the Modesto A. Maidique Campus (MCC) or at the Biscayne Bay Campus (BBC).

    If you are enrolled in any of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, ask your guidance counselor for your book voucher prior to visiting the book store. Home education students need to contact the FIU Dual Enrollment office for instructions. Students in Broward public schools, private or charter schools need to contact their school guidance counselor for instructions.

  • Other Educational Expenses
    • Photo ID fee - First-time registered students are required to have a photo ID. The fee is assessed at registration to all FIU students once every academic year (Fall-Summer).
    • Parking permit - Needed if you will be parking on campus.
    • Orientation fee - For On FIU Campus Full-time Early Admission students only.
    • Transcripts - There is a fee associated with ordering an official transcript from FIU.
  • Student Code of Conduct

    Students are expected to be familiar with FIU's Student Code of Conduct. Students found responsible for academic misconduct will be subject to Academic Misconduct procedures and sanctions as outlined in the FIU Student Handbook.

    FIU is committed to the CORE values articulated in the Student Code of Conduct: Responsibility, Trust, Freedom, Respect, and Excellence. Together these core values form the foundation for Academic Integrity. Students may file charges of Academic Grievance against a faculty member, committee, or department chair.